Created by Changing Vegas Studios, Crypto Court Poker is a brand new type of game. It’s a Casino Video Game (CVG) – as it merges elements of casino gaming and video gaming.

Each game takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. To win consistently, one must be a strong poker player and adept at strategy card games (CCGs).

Crypto Court Poker is a contest. Rounds are played as a Texas Hold ‘Em Sit-and-Go Tournament with several differences:

1) There are four players at each table.

2) Players get one extra hole card (3, instead of 2).

3) Each player brings a 20-card “Power Deck” to the table. Power Cards are played at various points throughout the poker game to give players an edge over their opponents. Players can collect and trade Power Cards to create a deck that complements their own unique poker playstyle


There are 4 Medieval characters in the base set:

The King – Aggressive / Maniac

The Queen – Combo / Solid

The Jack – Midrange / Adaptive

The Joker – Control / Cheater

Each character embodies a different CCG / poker playstyle. Players can purchase a pre-constructed deck, or mix & match characters to create a custom deck that defines their own strategy!

Crypto Court Poker is designed to be played live on the gaming floor. Our mobile app will arrive in 2023. When the game goes digital, the Power Cards will become NFTs. Soon, you’ll be able to deal Crypto Court Poker games at home.

Watch for our Standard and Deluxe Home Game Sets – Coming January 2023!